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Solid State Battery Incorporated has been focusing its efforts on developing a particular type polymer-based materials for solid- state electrolytes in high energy density lithium battery applications. Solid-state polymer electrolytes have several specific advantages such as easy fabrication, low cost, high energy density, and excellent compatibility with lithium salts. Most importantly, polymer electrolytes have been suggested to be thermally and electrochemically stable compared to conventional liquid electrolytes. Our solid-state separator provides a unique opportunity to be packaged into lithium batteries or even larger applications such as vehicles or planes.

SSB's solid electrolyte uses a combination of a polymer and ionic materials that leads to greater ion mobility. Additionally, the incorporation of nanoparticles improves the mechanical properties of electrolytes by inhibiting dendrite growth as well as providing an additional route for ion transport. The chart illustrates that SSB's battery does not lose performance as temperature increases over longer use. 

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